Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Run With Us - Strava Short

Love this.


  1. Totally not blog related, but I am watching Superbowl highlights on the NFL network...they are on SB 10 from 1976 and your uncle #56 (I think?) is the center hiking to Terry Bradshaw..that is so cool!! I remember hearing a long time ago that you had an uncle that played for the Steelers. Anyway, I saw 'Mansfield' and it suddenly jarred my memory. I am a sports nerd...and think it's pretty cool.
    PS hope your ankle heals up!

    1. Thanks! Yep, Ray Mansfield. I believe he had two Superbowl Rings from his Raiders days. Most the family are huge Steelers fans and know everything there is to know about him and he's still big in Kennewick, Wa, there's a mural on a building downtown of him. He means a lot to my Mansfield family. I only met him a few times, but have grown up with the "Ray" stories. Not being a huge football gal...what I remember most about Ray is actually how he died... hiking in the Grand Canyon. He hurt his ankle and said he'd catch up with his morning they found him propped up against a rock with a cigar looking out at what would have been a beautiful sunset the night before. Minus the cigar...sounds like a perfect way to go to me : )
      Anyhow....thanks for the comment, hope you guys are doing well!