Thursday, January 8, 2015

Winter Break Pictures - Round 2

You can see round 1 here.

When it's a school break, summer, or Friday and Saturday night, the kids are allowed to have "sleep overs" where ever they want, really. While Emma was away, we kept Myles and Sophie out of her room, so this is what I would find in the morning-
 Cleaned out the hall closet.
 Sophie got a new outfit.
 Brian needed new work clothes, so we hit the JCP big yearly sale. Yes, you see that we paid 228 and saved 532!! Happy dance time.
 There was some ice skating. That's Myles in the red.

 There was also some falling on the ice.
 More movies, I think we saw 3 over break.
 The view from bed.
 Aquarium of the Bay. I'll do a separate post with more pictures.

 Pier 39.
 Bubba's. Those were gone in less than a minute.
 Sophie had one of her own, and then ate the clams and oysters out of Emma's "Bucket of Trash".

 Some unfortunate plumbing issues...the day I scrubbed down the bathrooms and flushed a paper towel I used to clean the mirrors.  Backed up sewage in both bathroom toilets and tubs/showers and all over the floor.
 Made some of these.
 There was a day that both Sophie and Myles were with their friends all day, so Emma and I did some city Geocaching.
 There was also some gingerbread man decorating/eating.

 And more sleepovers around the house.
Myles trying to jump out and scare his sister as she exited the bathroom at our friends house.

 While Emma was away I made the executive decision that her desk, which had been in my living room and was nearly always messy, needed to live in her room.  So we totally flipper her room around. This first pic is about half way through the process.
 And after a few hours of work, it was nice and comfy.
 And I got my corner back.
 This is how many of MY hairbands I found in Emma's room while flipping it.
 Dinner at the drive in with Sophie and Myles.
 Sleeping Sophie.
 Boarding Emma.
 Emma and friends up in Truckee.
Four of the kiddos in the above picture....are also in this below picture.  They used to be so little : (

Again, there are over 400 pictures I uploaded to the photo site last night for those who still use it. I realized this morning I've been using that site since 2002 when Em was a baby.

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