Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Art, Art Supplies...and More Art

 Art. It's everywhere in our house. Literally.
An interesting, little known fact (there's really no reason people would know this unless they have a child with ADHD and have done the research into why that child does certain things) - Kids with ADHD sometimes have the ability/need to hyper focus on an activity.  This is opposite to what many people think of when they think of ADHD.  For Myles, before he was on medication (not open for debate or opinions, thanks), while he would be totally a ball of movement, activity, jumping from one activity to the next while finishing nearly none, and general hyperness, he's always been able to get lost in one activity at a time, for hours. After being on medication, he's still more hyper than most 8 yr old boys, but he can function now as a normal 8 yr old. However, he still hyper focuses on one activity. Art. My understanding, through almost a year now of therapy, and research, is this intense focus (almost obsession, and what borders on OCD) is that it's almost like a nap for his brain. He can still be doing something physically, meaning he's active, and moving....but it's an activity that he doesn't have to think intensely as he's doing it ( opposite of reading, math, tests.) His mind can still think and create and be active, but in a way that relaxes him. Thus, he will sit and create things for hours if time allows.  And his mind/body need that break.  We've been told that as long as he's hyper focusing on a healthy/non harmful activity, foster it, encourage it, and allow him that time his body/mind needs to relax.  So, thus the copious amounts of art in our house.  Thus the make over of the garage a few months back.  Myles is very fortunate to have a grandpa in a position to keep his art supplies stocked up (back stocked even). Art supplies are not cheep when we are talking about the amount of creating that goes on around here, so we are all super grateful when we get a random delivery and it's a box of tape, or construction paper, or glitter glue, or clay.  Anyways, Myles is a pretty special kid, and we are pretty open about all of his "specialness" so that he always feels normal, not like an odd kid. All of our friends know he makes a lot of art, it's his "thing". He in turn, is equally open. We were at a movie and the "cool" kid went to visit his therapist and Myles looks over at Brian and I  with a huge smile and says, "I have a therapist, too!", super loud. So I replied equally as loud, "all the cool kids do".  Anyhow, I just don't want anyone offended that we are so open about him here on the blog, we are this open in real life, too.
With that, here's a peak into our house of art -

 Kona checking out the Littlest Pet Shop village that just keeps growing.
 These quilt squares are actually Emma's project.

 Above, last night's creation, below, I think it'll be an elephant when he's done.
 Below, not sure, but he knows what it is.
 Below, this is the inside of one of the Littlest Pet Shop houses. He makes the house, and then spends days making the furniture. His LPS are all different animals, so they need different furniture. A skunk and a monkey don't have the same decor needs.
 Below, I think that's a bed. You'll notice a fishing line that is a zip line between the houses.

 His sisters made pictures for the houses.

 This is his art wall in his room. If there's something he really, really loves, he can hang it here on the wire. (Not the wall because there would be holes and tape all over that wall)
 He made, and hung himself, those lanterns. He said they are like the ones above the spinning tea cups at Disneyland.

 His blue ribbon art - "Robot Darth Vader and his Robo Dog"
 One of these statues is not like the other. Hint- it's the red dino. With pink nails, no less.
 He built and painted that snowman himself.
 And lastly, I found this laying here this morning on my table. It's an opera mask, or a ball mask thing.  Why....I have no idea, but it's pretty cool.
There you go, a little peak into part of our world!


  1. By far one of my favorite post. He is a special child with the biggest heart. You and Brian have done so well with all three kids. It is an honor to be their grandpa. love to all