Monday, January 5, 2015

Still here....

Over the course of this blogs life, I wonder just how many "Still Here...." posts I've done?? I bet they mostly come during and after breaks from school. 
Here's a secret-
I really, really, really like my kids. I would rather spent every second with them than spend any time posting here on the blog.
They are so funny, and creative, and adventurous, and a blast. Each in their own ways. Some more subtle. Sophie doesn't always say much, but then she'll drop a one liner under her breath and crack me up. Emma and I have a similar sense of humor and we are both a little naughty sometimes, but crack each other up. us all.  He has the same quick wit as my Grandpa Jack. And me. He is paying attention so much more than we realize, and then he'll say something that is actually hilarious (not kid humor, knock knock joke stuff, but really funny things).
Here's an example: The kids and I were driving down the road, and the radio station started talking about a study on women and that ladies tastes in men tend to temporarily change after giving birth. They tend to be attracted to less manly, less masculine men for up to 6 months after having a baby, according to this study.  So, Myles says, "Mom, was that true for you?".  I said, "Not that I remember, but I wasn't married to a super manly man to begin with, so if my tastes did change, I wouldn't have noticed it because that's kinda what I already had, so I don't know if that study is true or not."
Without missing a beat, he says, "Grandma Jackie would know."
Busted me up laughing. You have to know my parents to know why this is funny, but a quick summary is that my dad is very muscular, and is a guard at a jail (don't know official title, dad, sorry about that).
Myles, however, has never known my parents together, they have been divorced his whole life. He knows they are both my parents, but I always just assume he thinks of them as never having been a pair, different grandparents, living in different towns.  But apparently he has everything figured out and knows Grandpa is a manly guy and wonders if grandma still liked him after she had her babies. (better prepare for that question, mom : )
Anyways, we truly had a great time over Winter break. We were able to do quite a bit together as a family, whether that be adventurous or just hanging out talking.
I will get pictures up, and a more thorough post on what all we did, but just wanted to say today, while I'm getting the house back to order and getting us all back into a routine, that I am still here!!
Brian started his new/old job today!! It was so nice to drive him to the old office and drop him off here in town!
For those wondering, he worked for AAA for many years, starting up in WA. He previously worked for CSAA (California State Auto Association, or CA's AAA) in Automotive Services, doing analytics, metrics, and financial stuff.  He was away from the company for 4 years now (??). But his heart has always been with AAA, and he had applied for a variety of different positions over those 4 years, been on many different interviews, and finally he got an offer.  He started today with CSAA Insurance Group, doing analytics, metrics, and financial stuff. Same building as before, different floor, and different people.


  1. Oh man - we need a post that explores what makes a manly man! (And I love how kids can surprise you with their comments and insights; we tend to assume a certain level of ability, and that assumption is almost always too low. Of course, once you move it up they will turn around and do something so epically bad that all you can do is shake your head.)