Sunday, February 15, 2015

Eagle Peak - My new/old Hangout

A while back I had a goal of working this into my weekly runs. And then my ankle got jacked up, and I haven't accomplished that goal.
But, this week, I actually did my Eagle Peak loop 3 times. It's right around 1100 ft, in 4 miles. Not a bad little loop.
The first time, I hiked it, intentionally. In fact, I used my governor.......wearing my hair down.  Do you guys have a trick when you want to stick to a hike, or slower pace...something you do to make sure you don't run? Maybe a shirt that's too tight that'll role up over your belly if you run?? No?? Well, I do. I leave my hair down. Short story is I had a rough few days, and it was sunny and 70 out, and I just needed to get outside for as long as possible and soak up some sun and nature. I wasn't concerned about speed at all. In fact, I sat on a rock up there for around 30 minutes. It was just what I needed!!

 There's mustard flowers (yellow flowers) all over these green fields. So pretty.

 See all the poison oak behind me?


 Below, switchbacks. Means I'm near the top.

 Above, do you see the red flowers? Below, the trail on top of the ridge is nice and dry.
  This is an awesome view of Black Point.

 There's the trail marker, I'm just a little off it.

 My entire life is happening down there...home, 3 kids in 2 different schools, Kona in the back yard barking. You can actually see home and the kids 2 schools in these shots...but I wont' try to point them out.

 Do you see a horse in a barn??

 I do believe this is the meanest looking coyote I've seen to date.


  1. That coyote looks like he has spotted something for lunch, and intends to catch it. Great pictures, and way to get hills in! And I don't need tricks to force walking since that comes so natural to me! (BTW, I'm shooting for my first 100K in two weeks at Razorback. I'll be putting on a walking clinic, although it will likely be mostly what not to do.)

    1. Indeed, he was actually stalking a horse in fenced off field. No joke. Brave, mean coyote. Awesome on the 100k. Razorback is loops, yes?? We'll be thinking about ya!

    2. A horse? Wow - that is one ambitious coyote! Yes, Razorback is loops, but this year there is a choice between flat, paved 2M loops and not flat 5M trail loops. The option of the 5M trail loops is what convinced me to give this a try. Will be very challenging, but I have 36 hours or so to get it done.

    3. I have no doubt you'll gett'er done. With 36 hours, time won't be an issue at least. That is what drew us to Quicksilver, although even with 16 hours, that climb near the end terrifies me. But, the last email said the 50k has a new course this year, so I haven't seen the new map. No matter what, memories will be made!

  2. Just the other day the reason I asked stan to hook me up with the societys web site was because I was explaining to a client why my hope did not involve the heavens. Your pics always remind me of the other hope. So beautiful. I told the client how much fun it would be to be able to pet such a wild looking beast as that coyote looks

    1. Sometimes the mountain is so beautiful it leaves me speechless....I can't even imagine what it'll look like in a perfect state. And that poor coyote, it needs a good hug, you can just tell by looking.