Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kayaking at Elkhorn Slough, Moss Landing

On the last day of camp, our pod, the Cephelapods, went Kayaking. We had 2 guides, 3 parents including me, 1 naturalist, and 16 kids. 3 of those kids had special needs, I had one of these boys in my kayak.  We used 2 person kayaks mostly. There was one mom and the naturalist who had single kayaks.  My kiddo in my kayak did great! It was pretty cool to watch all the kids, but especially the 3 with special needs. It totally relaxed and mellowed them, and they all did great. I should say all 3 boys did great the whole time at camp, but I was a bit nervous about setting out in a kayak with a sometimes unpredictable, but very sweet, boy.  I mentioned this before, but we saw a ton of animals. There were seals, sea otters, sea lions, and pelicans everywhere. Not just on shore, but right next to us in the water.  It was hard to paddle and take pictures, but I tried to capture it the best I could. Enjoy-

 Below, there's Sophie in the back of her kayak!

 When a group of Sea Otters float together, it's called a raft of Sea Otters. It's also called "rafting up" when we would all get in a group and hold onto the kayak next to you.

 Yellow shirt guy is our guide, Armadillo.

 Below, pelicans and towards the bottom right, seals.

 Sleepy seals.
 Notice that one sea otter hanging out in the water by the seals.
 This seal was hitting the water with his flipper letting us know we were too close.

It was awesome and I can't wait to go back as a family and do this again!!

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  1. Wow - I cannot imagine how brave you all were to do that with those kids, but aw a kid, I can well imagine how cool it would have been to be out there! Such a great thing to do!