Thursday, February 12, 2015

Muddy Sanity

There's a lot I could say about this week.
I think what I'll go with is that this was a week I was so extremely grateful to have my mountain.
I was desperate to feel the sun, and not a bit patient to let the trails dry out.  Seriously, there was no rational thinking involved in this first outing of the week. It was just, "go, get out there".
My first outing this week was perfectly messy, slow, slippery, intense....meaning everything was intense. The smells, cows, colors....everything seemed amplified, or magnified, over the top. I should have turned around when I saw the soup that used to be trail....but that would have taken some rational thought.
 Bob Pond at Borgess Ranch hasn't been full in years, and here it is...not just full, stuffed full.

 I had no idea if I'd make it up this hill, but all I was thinking was do not go back to the car. Just keep going. It was literally a step, unstick my shoe, step, unstick my other shoe....all the way up.

 If you look closely at the top of the sign you'll spy a birds nest and 2 birds.  Those cows were trying to read the map to decide which gate to go through. That one in front is holding a cow-plank. Strange CA cows.
 "Lady, you're not that funny. Moooove along."

 I have a feeling NTL is smiling about now. It really doesn't get better than miles of shiny mud. Especially when I have all the time in the world to enjoy it (no race time to worry about or cut-offs)
 A beautiful king of the hill.
 Above, is this not gorgeous?? Those swoopy clouds?? Wow.
 That was one handsome cow. He matched my boots.

 Happy, Happy, Happy toes.


  1. YES! Finally we have serious mud! We ran a race around Lake Chabot that was mostly on stable fire roads, but had some seriously unstable moments (and a LOT of rain while doing all this). Yes - NTL is loving the mud! Great pictures, including the perfectly executed cow-plank, rarely seen in nature. (And don't worry about cows and their sense of humor - they seem to only like cud-chewing jokes.)

    1. I couldn't even get them to crack a smile, I really do need to brush up on my cud-chewing jokes.