Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hikes, Biscuits, and Bikes

Getting you caught up a bit -
 King of his castle, mighty squirrel hunter. This is his hunting "blind", or perch if you don't watch Duck Dynasty. He has actually jumped straight out the window knocking the screen off from this spot.
 After school snack that makes my house smell so good. That's raspberry jam mashed w/butter.
 Saturday evening hikes/rides out of Mitchel Canyon are back in the regular rotation since the weather has been so great.

 She's most likely saying, "What???"


 Castle Rock's creek is getting low again...but still flowing.

 My kitchen window, decorated with flowers from Myles patch of mustard in the garden. Other than weeding around these flowers (which are really weeds), I don't mess with his patch. He picked these for me, Sophie helped him arrange them.

Myles reads a lot of Calvin and Hobbes. Here's a pic to refresh your Calvin and Hobbes memories-

This is how he was sleeping when I peeked in on him. (fyi, he actually has a Cars comforter, but snagged that one out of the linen closet.) Oh, and yes, that is the belly of a trout above the polka dot pillow.

Also, I do realize the quality of these pics is poor, but I don't have time today to edit them.

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