Monday, February 9, 2015

Fifth Grade Camp - Picture Post

 If you read today's earlier post, these should be self explanatory for the most part.

 This as not a bad way to wake up!!
 Above and below, this was Plankton day. Above, she's made a plankton and is trying to achieve neutral buoyancy since plankton like to live in the middle of the ocean, high enough to get light, but low enough to be floating in the middle of the ocean.  They had a contest to see if they could get them to float in the middle of a clear garbage bin. She was in second place.  And below, these are plankton swimming around.

 Below are pictures from the sand crab study. They did 10 digs, 3 ft apart, and recorded how many sand crabs they found, if they were male, female (they did indeed learn how to check this) or recruits (babies).
 In the background you can see the gated bottom of the pathway that leads up to camp, which is up on the cliff back there.

 Chaperon room-
 the teachers brought the snacks for us
 Free time!
 Lined up for dinner and an amazing sun setting.

 Sophie and my beds, she's orange, I'm blue.

I'll do a separate kayaking post.

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