Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Black Point Trail, Mt. Diablo

Sunday Morning. On the trail by 6 a.m., with Brian. Good times.
Heading into the hills.

You can almost make out the trail in the grass coming up out of the bottom left corner. We head up that valley about half way, then do some steep climbing to the left up over the ridge.

The trail we were on.

The green hills are brown now. You can see a patch of trail about mid picture...that's my hill repeat hill in Castle Rock park. It looks tiny from up here!

On the backside of the ridge, much of the trail was ungroomed and looked like this....not good in tick season!  Brian found 3 on his legs and gaiters, but none were attached yet.

Looking down on Coastal's 13.1 course. That's Mitchell Canyon, and in the distance, the ridge we climb up and over for Coastal's Diablo 13.1.

I'll post more pics on the photo site.

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