Friday, May 24, 2013

Coyote Runner - My Indian Name?

This whole series of events was very interesting to me. First, he was looking over his shoulder down into the valley watching a runner on a trail below us. He crossed the trail within about 20 ft of me. He startled me because while I see them out here often, it's not usually this close.  I startled him with my "@#$@%^", and watched him realize he had been watching the wrong runner and was much closer to a human than he realized.
He kept on up the hill and was now between me on the trail, and a hillside full of cows. I got the camera out, curious as to how the cows would react, and what the coyote was going to do.

 The cows were aware and watching, but never took  a step either towards him or away from him.
I think he posed for me under an Oak Tree.
I've come to the conclusion that I'm much less afraid in a face to face encounter than I am when I hear them but don't see them.
This is a nice shot taken on Briones to Diablo Trail, of how quickly the hills went from green to golden.
Was a nice week on the Mt, had a bit of everything-
One horrid run. 
One amazing run.
And today's run-
ran to my secret bench and finished a novel, then ran some more.
Life is good.

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