Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Camping - Antlers Campground, Lake Shasta CA

Thursday, we had showers off and on, but got camp up w/o rain.

Kona is a great travel dog. He settles in, and stays cozy till we get where we are going.

Our favorite site. We were the only ones in this area of the camp ground, there were only 4 - 5 people in the whole campground, nice and quiet.

Fishing the first night was a bit chilly for me, so I waited in the car w/Kona while the kids fished, took this shot of Sophie through the car window.

Brian would have made Grandpa Jack proud, MGD.

Fuzzy Navel for me.  A camping must have.

Another must, camping coffee and a good book.

This is pretty much what he does the whole time we are camping.

You can't tell, but they are looking into the water at the edge of a cliff/drop off. 

This is Em fishing, the water was super clear, which means you can see the drop off she was fishing above.

Can you see Brian over there?

This was actually a spot we had never found on previous trips, but it's on a trail out the camp ground out in the woods. So so pretty!

Brian's famous camping breakfast. So yummy, but does a number on your tummy.

It was in the mid 70's, a bit cold for me to swim. It's usually 95-100 when we camp, later in summer.  Didn't stop the kids!

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