Monday, May 20, 2013

We're Back!

Got home yesterday evening!
Had a great, relaxing trip. Much cooler than when we go later in the summer, but mostly nice weather.  Water was off at the campground, so scored a half price camping trip.
Less swimming this trip, more fishing. All who fished caught fish, which rarely happens with us, so that was great!
I'll try to get some pictures uploaded today...but we'll see. Lot's to do the first day back from camping...I have an endless rotation of clothes hanging dry outside. Did I mention our dryer broke....nearly a month ago?? It came back to life for a few days, then was done for good.  Not complaining, we always make due with what we have, but you know how camping is, everything that got packed smells like smoke, whether it was worn or not, including all the bedding. On the bright side, it's in the 90's today and a slight it should dry quickly : )

I managed to drag myself through a run this morning, thinking I would beat the heat. I did not beat the heat, it was already 81 when I finished at 9:40. And, it would be more properly described as either running through mud for 6 miles, or dragging sandbags for 6 miles....either way that's what it felt like.  Nothing like a gut full of bacon, hotdogs, and pancakes + heat.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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