Thursday, May 9, 2013

Running 'Thunder Mt Railroad' Style

The Beast and I set out on a 7 miler this morning. It consisted of a loop that included the last 4-5 miles of Diablo 50. We did it in reverse order, doing Buckeye Trail and running down Stage, rather then out Stage to Buckeye. Either direction, it's a nice loop. I mentioned last week I had planned to run it one day, but my phone was dead, so I came back the next day with a charged phone and did it and had a great run. It is just enough further out/isolated that I'm a little nervous running it alone, but after a few uneventful times out on it, I'm sure I'd relax a bit.  Well, today I was more relaxed because I had the Beast with me, but it was not uneventful...had I been alone I'm sure I would have freaked....that or I would have hiked back up the hill to see what all the howling was about : ) I was super focused on footing coming down the stretch we had just come down and was not looking around at my surroundings like normally I do.  These guys had to be right off the trail as we came down the hill.  I had stopped to point out the "Rattlesnake Gulch" sign on a tree and when I turned to talk to The Beast, we heard this-

Good times!! Between our surroundings, coyote sounds, and flying the rest of the way down the hill....the whole thing did remind me of Thunder Mt Railroad!

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