Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Behold, An Amazing Colorado!

As promised, some Colorado float pictures! It really is neat, I gotta just say.  We had fun making it!
 We started off with a used science project board...that'd be our base.
 We covered it in green, added the Colorado River, and then made a forest.
 Made mountains, and added on our skiing, fishing, hiking, mt biking cabin.
Things you may be able to spot on this thing - Mt bike, kayak, fish in the river, ski lift and lodge, campground, bobcat, big horned sheep, ski's, boat, tackle box, coal mine w/cart, Leadville Trail Run, the state bird, a field of the state flower, the welcome sign to the state, the Pueblo people and their cave dwelling, farm animals, wild horses, the Cliff Bar mountain, mountains and some really cool trees : )

 That horse kept napping, but I hot glued him to his feet and he's been wide awake ever since.

 Getting closer to being done, but we need to get some coal glued into that mining cart....
 Do you know how smart I thought I was that I figured out how to make these trees?? I love them!!

 Possibly my favorite part of the entire float - We have Lucho finishing Leadville, followed by his pacer Tim Long, and just behind them in the trees is "100 Mile Ryan" chasing them down. Some dude (maybe Kilian : ) went off course and is in the rocks.   The glue makes it look like Lucho may have wet himself : ) Totally unintentional, but he is pretty hard core like that, so it works.


 Emma's class lined up and ready to go...
 So the entire school sits out in front of their rooms and the 5th graders parade through the halls, while parade music played from the schools PA system. Pretty cool.
 Love that kid! For the record, I did not pick out her outfit, and yes, she's been wearing that hat to school a lot lately.  We must be related.

That's the kindergarten classes back there. Myles is by a pole, next to the kid in yellow.
Super proud of all the work Em has done on her state project. They had about a 30 page report, then a presentation, then the float.
Good work, Emma!


  1. So Awesome! The float looks perfect and I love her cowboy hat. Colorado history and culture is deep and rich and she captured it well. I'm sending something to her that she can add to the float (and hopefully hang on to for a while too).

    1. Tim, seriously, she read your comment when she got up this morning and is still freaking out that you actually saw the float and liked it! She can't wait to get to school and tell her teacher!
      She's going to be racing me to the mail box everyday now, lol.
      Thanks for making her day, again!

  2. That float is awesome! (And yes, the trees are clever and very nice.) I like that I now know that rainbow rivers are why we have rainbow trout. And Killian was not "off course" - he was just looking for some privacy rather than pulling a Lucho. Very nicely done!

  3. This is so awesome!!!!!! I definitely don't deserve to be three inches away from the Tim's but thank you for including me. The Kilian part is hilarious. I hope that Lucho sees this too!

  4. Thanks Beth. I'll pop it in the mail today. She'll have it Monday at the very latest.

    Oh, and that's Karl Meltzer running off in the rocks to the side. I believe that photo is from Hardrock.