Monday, June 17, 2013

Still Here....

We are still here! Just haven't slowed down yet.
We've had a run on graduation parties, and end of the school year parties, pancake parties, pirate parties....managed to get up a new and even bigger pool in the back yard, re-organized all 3 of the kids rooms and am in the process of making sure Soph's is especially clean for grandma's stay, since it'll be her home away from home.

 End of the year party for all the school age kids we are friends with. Thank you to the Henwoods and Vitales for throwing a great party!
 A sideways table of candy, the kids all made bags when they left

 Pancake time for Sophie's class. I actually made so many that they ate and ate and got full and I had enough to feed Emma's class, too.

 Uncle David took Em board shopping for 5th grade graduation and sprang for a Sector Nine board. It's really pretty, one of the long boards that's for street riding, not park tricks.
 This was Myles on Kindergarten graduation day.
 That's Emma's (actually I consider it Tim's buckle that Em is going to take very good care of) Hardrock 100 buckle on her CO float. I have a pretty amazing post coming (eventually) about a certain trail runners very generous act towards our 11 yr old, Em.  We are currently working on making a memory box for her precious Hardrock 100 finishers buckle.  It all ties into her Colorado float, Hardrock being held in CO and considered the toughest 100 around, and one of the runners we stuck on her float being a great guy.  When we finish her box and I can get some pictures, I'll get that post up.


I think I mentioned throwing myself all into the last solo run of the school year....which I did, but felt like I bounced right off it!  It's been an exhausting 2 weeks, and was a very emotional end to the year....caught up to me  on that last run.

Brian finally was able to register for the 12 hour run next month, so we are both in for that. We have seperate goals, but it'll be nice to see him our there on the loop during the day with me.

Sophie has her first talk tomorrow night (if you know what I'm talking about, great, if not, it has to do with our religion, which I don't talk about here on the blog), which is a big deal, and she's been working hard on that.

Anyone have a dog who has secrets?? Or is that just us?? I have been trying to figure out why a certain room in our house smells like pee.  Kona's been house broken for 2 years now, and always has access to the back yard, 24/7.  I found his little secret while deep cleaning for grandma's visit.....he's been peeing on the corner of the bookshelf in my workout room.  So...yeah, the shelf, carpet, and books on the bottom shelf were the source of the stink.......which is better than me wondering if I was actually peeing while working out : )

On that gets in on Wednesday and will be here for 1.5 weeks, so not sure about posting during that time.

Hope you've all been having fun doing whatever you've been doing!


  1. I love how the sideways table of candy resembles an aid station.

    I'm glad you will both be at the 12 hour thing. Are your twelve hour goals secret? (My reach goal is 50 miles, my practical goal is to set a PR for 12 hours, which would be just a bit over 40 miles.)

    I don't understand what goes on in a dog's brain - ours will do the dumbest and most non-sensical things sometimes. Glad you sorted that out, but have fun actually fixing it!

    1. Hey Allen,
      My A goal is anything over 40....upper 40's would be great!
      B is to finally hit the elusive 50k mark!

      Brian has 50 in the back of his head...not sure of his other goals.

      Looking forward to seeing ya!