Sunday, June 9, 2013

Trails and Family Fun

That about sums this post up. This is your catch up post of last weeks adventures -
 The water in this spot was so clear it was pretty amazing. It was hard to tell where the water stopped and the reflections began. It's about thigh deep back in that corner, but you could see the bottom and all the rocks.

 I headed up Sunset Trail on this day and was having a great run, super speedy for me, even with the picture taking.

 I was hustling my way up this  nasty little trail that I love, but man my quads were burning! I've been working (still) on dropping my heel so that I'm pushing from my quads and glutes, and not on my tip toes pushing from my calves. Makes a world of difference, but brings on the burn!
 It starts to get ugly when I'm actually working and not  just skipping and dancing my way across the mountain, lol.
 My mountain. If you look close, just above the grass, you can see North Gate Rd snaking it's way across the hills.
I was puzzled during this run, from start to finish. It was way faster than it should have been. It felt as hard as ever, and like I was dragging...but I was making excellent time.  I was texting Brian as I was running, telling him my times from one point to the next point.  Didn't feel fast, but it was. Some runs just work out that way.
Above pictures were all from one run.

Below pictures are from another run.
 What is there to say, really?? It's just beautiful. I'm totally spoiled that this is where I get to find my sanity, get my runs in, see it, smell it, come home coated in it's's beautiful, and I love it.
 These flowers are really something.  Just growing out there in the wild. I finished my run, picked up Myles, and went straight to OSH.  Spent the rest of the afternoon planting these -

 At some point in the day I found this kid laying in the yard looking up through the tree branches. It so reminded me of hours spent spinning on a tire swing, when I was about his age, leaning back looking up through the leaves.

 Random picture, but this makes me so happy!!  This is 1 weeks worth of fruit for our family of 5. 
 This girl had 5th grade field day. It really was a blast. The kids all had tons of fun, and there was plenty of food for all the kids to eat as much as they wanted - pizza, donut holes, rice crispy treats, carrots, fruit, water, juice...and all day to play.

 And this gal had her 3rd Grade song flute concert.   That was....well, it was a 3rd grade song flute concert.
She did great!
So besides running this week (there was one more run up wall rd/down secret trail that was another super great 10 miler), we had -
Song Flute Concert
State Float Day
5th Grade Field Day
Talent Show (pictures coming soon)
A Graduation party
A Memorial (Sat, at Castle Rock park, in 105 degrees: )

That's a lot of fun and some not so fun stuff. This week is going to get even crazier, but then it's done for the year!

There's a lot more picture on the family photo site.

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