Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bikes, Runs, Rocks,Mud(??) and Luau's

 There's been a lot going on the past week. 
That said, when a non-runner/non-blogger family member visits, I try to be respectful of that and be discrete. 
Here's a peek of some of the fun we've been up to -

We ended up having to hike into the bike track since the road was gated shut. We drove to the other end through a neighborhood and I knew where there was about  1/4 mile trail to take to the track. Grandma was a trooper, despite the heat (80's).  That's her back there in the chair.
(there's a ton of pics in this post, I'm not gonna make them big, but you can click on them to make them bigger if you wish)

 The girls really wanted to learn how to knit from Grandma, both picked it up pretty easily.
 Brian and I snuck out early last Saturday to get in a 7miler behind our house.  Lots of turkeys out and about.

 We had a luau.

 We took Grandma to Borgess Ranch.

 We also went to Rock City. Grandma again, was a trooper and made it further into the caves than I thought she'd venture.

 Eventually Brian, Em, and Myles kept going, while Grandma, Sophie and I headed back out and found a quiet spot for a round of Phase 10.

 Then....what the heck?? Rain in CA in June??  There was a slight chance of rain on this day, yet it rained the entire run. I was not prepared. It is June. It was in the 70's at 8 in the morning...and raining. Miserable running for me.

 I am NOT a fan of these thistles. They are about knee high, and...well, they hurt.
 I was not a happy runner when I got home, it was so humid. The rain I dont' mind, but the heat and rain when it was not forecasted....ticked me off.
 And, this was the next day....the day with 80% chance of rain. I was totally prepared for rain.....and it was sunny.  Go figure.

 Ahhh, so sad. Froggy pond puddle is gone.
Mud, in June?? What is happening in the universe?

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