Friday, July 12, 2013

Gettin' it Done!

 Here's a few of the pictures taken by volunteers at Brazen's Dirty Dozen Run.
I honestly think the part of my body that was the sorest after 41 miles was my face from smiling all day! I really did have a blast!
I hiked with the kids yesterday in Castle Rock and the legs felt great. In fact, we went to a meeting the day after and while we were tired, we were walking fine.
Very strange, if you've seen us after a marathon, you know we look totally spastic trying to walk.
But, not so after this run.  Makes no sense, but I'll take it!!

 Above- this is lap one. I know cuz i have on my jacket and am carrying my camera. I was so excited to finally be doing this event! You can sort of see the pins hanging from my skirt on my left leg...all 10 are still there since this was the first lap.

This has to be lap 2 or 3, because I haven't put my leg sleeves on, which I did after lap 3. I think it is lap 3, which was the hardest lap of the day for some reason.  I was a bit dizzy and sluggish....but still having fun!

And this is after lap 3 cuz my leg sleeves are on. It's taken in generally the same spot as the middle picture, but I'm obviously feeling better by this time. I think I'm counting 4 pins left, which would have meant I was heading towards the end of lap 7, and knew w/o a doubt I would get 10 done.

And a few of Brian for you, but I can't tell you what laps these are, or exactly how he was feeling, but I'll try - 
 I dont' know what lap this is, but I know he was having achilles pain throughout the day...I'm thinking that's the face you see in the above picture. I think this was within the first 3 laps because the sun wasn't out yet.
 He's looking good and moving good. It's nice sunny blue sky, so probably mid day.
 Ok, I know these two. Above, Brian is at the aid station near the start/finish. There's Clocky and Allan, aka Not That Lucas, in the white hat in front of clocky. They did a lap together that Brian said was one of his favorite laps all day.  And below, I believe this is his last big loop, his loop 11, around 36 miles done. It was still warmish, but he started getting the chills near the end of his day, thus the jacket.  His forehead...ugh. It is so burned, like thick brown hide stuff peeling off. Not pretty.
Good times, can't wait for next year!!!

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