Monday, July 8, 2013

Thanks, Allen!!

Allen caught a few rare shots of Brian and I together at the 12 hour. I didn't see Brian until the beginning of lap 10, after almost 8 hours and just over 30 miles.  I knew he was on the course moving still because when I'd come to our camp area I'd see a water bottle moved, or a coke opened in the cooler. He knew I was moving because he would see more and more safety pins on the blanket as I was taking one off every loop during the first 10.  I think we were moving about the same speed, just on opposite sides of the loop. 
Anyhow, these are my favorite shots that Allen got of us!
Above - This is the only time we were on the big loop together. It was lap 10, after hitting the 50k distance, somewhere around mile 32ish. Brian had finished his 9th lap and waited a few minutes for me to get done with my 9th. I was so happy to see him after almost 8 hours of running pretty much alone. I somehow got into a pocket of space where there was never really anyone around me, other than getting passed every now and then, I was wondering where everyone was. Brian wanted to be with me when I hit 31 miles (he has a gps watch, so he'd know exactly when that was) so I'd know my 50k time, and that would happen near the beginning of lap 10. I was still feeling really good, not fast, but really good. Allen was still running really well, and I tried to pretend I was gonna give him a run for his money, but it was all show.

Below - Brian and I on the far end of the loop. There is a short downhill section of single track that was a treat to run on all day, I looked forward to getting to that section every loop.  We were actually able to run still.....well, long enough for Allen to get a picture anyway : )

 Above, I'm trying to choke down half a Cliff Bar. This had to be just before we headed out on lap 10 because after loop 10 I changed shoes. I wanted to get 10 done before I sat down to change my shoes.

 I love this picture of Brian. I'm not sure when/what point in the day it was taken, but he's still perky and goofing off for Allen's camera. I had to laugh when I saw him here, and me in the top picture....after 16 years of marriage, I think we are starting to have the same goofy poses.

There's so many more great pictures that captured how fun of a day it was, it's nice Allen loves taking pictures as much as I do and is willing to share them!

He got a few of the signs along the loop, too!  These were a nice distraction -

This top one had me thinking for quite a while, trying to figure out how I was still moving, feeling good and having fun.  I know how hard I have worked to finish the marathons we have done, how hard I struggled two years in a row just to get to mile 15.5 of  Diablo only to dnf....and today I'm getting this done (I was in the upper 30's when I saw this one) and having fun doing it and not in much pain, never hit a wall or had a bad lap where I thought I was done, no training at all, and not in that great of shape overall.  But, I was determined!!

That one just made me laugh!

This one had me trying to do the math.

Anyhow, thanks for the pictures, Allen!


  1. You two were a blast out there! I loved seeing the safety pins (and am curious how many you had available) and for some reason Brian and I synced up pretty well at one point. This really is a great event, and I was thrilled that you both got 40 miles (and that I trashed Brian by exactly 0.02 miles - too funny!).

    Congrats on nailing that ultra - get ready for the instant world fame when your name appears in Ultrarunning magazine!

    1. I had 10 pins on my skirt, I really wanted to get to 50k by way of the big loops, and knew 10 would be a 50k, plus a few more miles. I'm so glad I did the pins, it was fun to watch them go from 10 to none,and really made those 10 laps just about getting rid of pins. i was not thinking about overall hours out there or pain or anything, just get the next lap done and ditch another pin.

      Do you get Ultrarunning Mag? Maybe you can copy the page w/our names on it?? I'd love to see it!

  2. It's actually a hard magazine to find in a store, so I subscribed to it. Brian's name should show up for Diablo (I assume someone wrote up a report for that race) and both of you will be in the issue that has this race. I'll let you know when I see it - it's a blast seeing your name in print like that!