Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Weekend Roundup

 We headed to Alameda for a cool (temp wise) run with the kids. It was mid 60's there, and mid 90's at home, so it's our go to place when it's too hot at home to run/bike.  We head south on the trail, which goes past the Oakland Airport if you go far enough, so there are lots of planes coming and going, which the kids love.  Boy did this measly 4 miles remind me how much harder it is on my body to run on the paved stuff. What a pounding! I do not know how we used to run endless training miles and marathons on this stuff.  Gotta get the kids legs strong enough to hit the dirt trails with me!
 His one wreck, the sand grabbed his tire.
 Resting in front of the Oakland Raiders offices. I snuck a pic through the fence of their practice field.

 You can just barely make out San Fran and the Bay Bridge along the horizon.
 We also partied, just because we can, no reason in particular.  He loved the gator, which made me laugh because I had one like that when I was a kid at some point in time. I think he went to Sun Lakes with us one year??
 Our friend Brian would throw the ball to the kids as they jumped off the board. Above is Em, below is Sophie.

 This is yesterday. We tried to hike, but these sleepy heads weren't moving until about 11:30. We headed out, but it was so hot and humid, we cut it short.
 He's trying to look happy, but he's pretty hot.
 And then, I kicked the sofa while vacuuming. I was trying to keep that one on through the weekend since we have our district convention this Friday thru Sunday, and that involves strappy heels and what not.  At least it came off nice and clean, that way I can paint a nice one on.
 And then,  Emma had some pre-convention prep of her own. Auntie Jill did Emma's brows for the first time! Em is going to have Brian's thick, unruly brows, so even though she's only 11, it was way overdue. Auntie is an esthetician and does this sort of thing as a living, and also for fun.

She's growing up so fast!!

That catches you up with everything!

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  1. My Candra is 11 and just had her brows done for the first time before our Distinct Convention. They are growing up so fast! Looks like you are having a great summer so far!