Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hiking in Tilden

We headed out on a hike with the kids this morning in Tilden Park in the Berkeley hills.  Here's a few pictures for ya -
 The kids love blackberries!
 There were lots of thistles blooming everywhere.
 Emma and I
 These are the hills that sort of divide our valley from the bay, so once we climbed to the top of the ridge, we had amazing views. On one side, we were looking down into Berkeley and across the bay to San Fran.....and on the other side we were looking out across the valley to home, and Mt Diablo.

 This is looking down to Briones Reservoir.
 Blurry, but there were lots of flowers still, despite the heat.
 Can you spot the horses coming up the hill? We waited for them to make it to the top because the trail was narrow, and the kids got to visit with them for a bit.
 Brian is starting to develop a new trail habit - swallowing flies and puking them up.
 This was a pretty short hike for us, but the heat required it to be that way.  We are getting sick and tired of sitting at home all day, but with temps over 100 for over a week now, it has been hard to get the kids out for hikes and runs. We got a fairly early start today, but even with the early start, we had to call it early. The kids and I cut down to the road and walked to a parking lot to wait for Brian. He continued on to the car and picked us up. The kids had fun....but they were done.
We came home, had lunch, and spent a few hours in the pool cooling back down.  I know it is summer, and we live in California, but holy cow.  This weather really better lift by Saturday. 12 hours in these temps....not appealing.

I'll have info up tomorrow for those interested in checking in from time to time on Saturday to either watch video of the race, or just check in on how many laps/miles we have done so far. We will be on course from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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