Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Brazen's TrailQuake 10k

Brian and Emma ran the 10k at Brazen's TrailQuake in Sanborn Park, Saratoga, CA., and both said its the hardest Brazen 10k they have ever done. That said, they both loved it.  Brian loves some good technical trail, especially running down it. He knew everything he was climbing, he'd eventually get to run down.  Emma said she, too, liked it, but would do the 5k next time.  She did eat some trail, but was relatively unscathed at the end.

I'm doing separate posts for all of us because there are just too many pictures to post all at once.

A huge thank you to the volunteer photographers, especially Allen! And as always, thanks to Brazen for another great race, and keeping pictures free!




By the way, Emma took home an additional medal for 2cd in her age division!

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  1. That is, by a significant amount, the toughest 10K Brazen does. Fun trails though, and you get a bonus rubber band to prove you did an odd little loop to get the mileage up! It was fun seeing them out there getting this done!