Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Brazen's TrailQuake 5k - 2014

 Sophie, Myles and I ran the 5k. Sophie always wants to go at her own pace, while Myles likes to have me with him...although he finds it hilarious to run ahead really fast like he's leaving me behind, and then stop and laugh.  Until this race....where he just did not stop the whole second half.  Once we hit the turn around and had 1.5 miles of downhill (and again, this was tricky down hill, not easy to run), he was gone. I'd catch glimpses of him, but he was nearly a full minute ahead of me at the finish. In fact, I heard him announced as he crossed the finish while I was still in the woods.

Aside from that, we all started out together with a runner named Blythe. You may start to recognize Blythe by now, she and Sophie run the same pace, so if they are in the same race, they tend to end up together. This race, they were together from start to finish, and we all climbed the first hill together. I was cracking up looking at these pictures wondering what Sophie was saying that had Blythe laughing the entire race....but she's generally pretty perky anyway, so that is her normal, happy face.

 You would totally think the kids were running with Blythe and I was just some lady in blue behind them : )

 We were just coming up the first climb, deciding we should start running again.....

 Now we've climbed up 1.5 miles, and down about a mile...Myles had hit turbo and was cruising pretty good.  Allen took these next few pictures....(and some above)

 I'm getting heckled for letting Myles beat me, but I had no chance of catching him, lol. I have no turbo button these days.

 Sophie and Blythe, still deliriously happy : )

 Look at Myles go!! He was so happy, and very proud to have been "the first from our family to finish".

 Um...well, it was a little bit of an uphill finish and it felt like a huge up hill finish and I haven't really run in 6 months but really I have taken most of this year off and ....yeah, just don't look at me and let me finish-pretty much what I was thinking.
 And here come Sophie and Blythe!

Again, these are all pictures taken by Brazen's volunteers and put on-line free for all us runners. Thanks again volunteers!!  It was a great race, and we all had a great time!!

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  1. Brazen does tough races. This 5K is second only to the terrifying Rocky Ridge when it comes to climbing. The way Myles was looking, I think you could have offered him a second lap up the hill and he would have done it! Very cool!