Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Survivor Style 4th Grade Party Epicness

It was awesome!!! After a lunch of multiple hot dogs and watermelon, the kids started the tribe challenges.  First up....a "food" challenge.  Every member had to empty a shot glass of grossness. Baby food of many varieties mixed with prunes and spinach.  The first kid on my team got it down....for about 2 seconds and then spewed everywhere.  And that set off my most memorable school party to date....one kid after another started throwing up, including Sophie.  It was awesome!!
And they will never forget it. I was just laughing thinking it was great...epic...so cool that they actually barfed!! Apparently I am odd (??) as the other moms were mortified and stopped the challenge. When they asked me why I thought it was so cool I said because life is about making memories, and I guarantee you they will think this was a highlight of fourth grade and they'll never forget it!  Shortly after that, while digging through the flowerbed in front of the school looking for the buried immunity idol, a teacher came running out of her room yelling at us for #1 being in the planter, which your not supposed to do, and #2 digging it up.  Memories I tell ya!! Good times!

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