Friday, June 6, 2014

Last Friday of the School Year!!!

Wooo Hooo!!!!!

I can not put into words how happy I will be when this year is OVER!!!

We're so close, next Thursday is it, and both Wednesday and Thursday are half they dont' really count.

Going back to the Color Run, you all know Myles we super sick.  Well, before that, Emma had the same thing.  I had felt off for about a week, and it finally hit me this week, Tuesday morning, in the middle of the gymnasium at the kids school while I was cooking pancakes for 120 4th graders.

Boy, that is the worst feeling in the world. I had been cooking for about an hour, started to get dizzy, was hot, but had the chills, tummy started cramping....but since I had been cooking for all these kids, I really didnt' want anyone to think I was sick and just contaminated all of 4th grade.  I excused myself to the bathroom, came back and finished up.  Then I had to track down Sophie and let her know I couldn't stay the rest of the day as planned (it was Gold Rush day, kinda a big deal).

Such a bad time to be sick with all the end of the year art projects, parties, special days. I think the worst is over, which is great because today I have Greek Day at the middle school. Again, serving food to the 6th graders. But at least I'm not cooking, it's catered by a Greek restaurant.  Tonight we have a fundraiser with our Woodside Family (kids old school that we miss dearly) for Mrs. Cattarusa. She's had a relapse of cancer, at a much too young age.  Emma and her daughter are the same age and went through Woodside together.  She's been off work for nearly 2 years now (she was back at the beginning of this year, before her relapse), and there are just a lot of expenses that aren't covered by insurance. So tonight we'll be zumba'ing, dancing, karaoke'ing, and having fun to do our part to help out.  For more info, you can go here.

Anyways, tons going on around here, but it feels great to be in the final push towards the end of the year.  We are also so looking forward to kicking off summer break at Brazen's TrailQuake run!! This is a new one for us, we've never done it before, so that's always extra exciting!!

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