Tuesday, December 9, 2014

6.5 - Mom's - Drive Home

6.5 = # of hours I was in the dentist chair yesterday. Thankfully, 2 Valium and 4 sedatives, plus nitric really make it almost enjoyable : )  It's the strangest thing really. I'm awake, but asleep. I can do what they ask....like "turn your head towards me"...I can hear it and do it, but I'm no where near awake.  I also have no concept of time. I get wheeled to the car afterwards and then sleep for hours when I get home.  I pretty much slept straight through till 4 a.m. this morning. I walked the kids to school today as I don't quite feel "normal" and don't want to drive yet...but my mouth and teeth feel great!!

Ok, so lets wrap up this whole "trip" series of posts and move on : )

After Tacoma, we drove back east to Ellensburg, WA where my mom lives.  She had just got home (2 days earlier) from Hawaii, so she hadn't had much down time, but was a champ to let us stay with her. It was very cold for these CA peeps, like 8 degrees. Here's a few pictures -
 Myles spent a lot of time sewing with his Sew Cool machine, which is really, really cool!
 Mom and Sophie
 Mom taught Emma how to make "granny squares". Not sure if this is knitting or crocheting.
 Brian gave the Sunday talk at mom's hall, I think he's working on it in this picture. We watched some tapes of a series my sister and I used to watch when we were little - Five Mile Creek. Anyone know that series?? Love it.
 There was also coloring that went on.
 And then, it was time for the 14 hour drive home.  A lot of Oregon looked like this. It snowed pretty hard a lot of the way, but we made it safe and sound.
And there you have it. 11 days on the road to visit our WA family.  Literally all of Brian and my families live up there. We know we didn't get to see all of you, but we did our best with the time we had.  Those we did see, thank you for your hospitality! We enjoyed our visit......now it's your turn!!

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