Monday, December 29, 2014

More of the Trail Friend

We are starting week 2 of Winter Break. I find the more my kids do, the less pictures I have of them. Not that they aren't having fun, it's just that they are off with friends and I'm not there to capture the moments.  Sophie has spent a day with friend, as has Myles. Emma spent 5 days up in Truckee with friends and snowboarded for the first time. I did get sent a few pictures from her trip I'll share later. We've totally rearranged 2 rooms, Emma's and the family room.  We braved Toys R Us the day before Christmas with Sophie and Myles. We've had a few dinners with friends.  We've seen the new Annie. There was also another movie at the drive in.  This week, it's a big week. It's Brian's last week at his current, not loved, job.  Today was his last Monday. His last week of commuting into the city. His last week away from the company he really enjoys working for, AAA. Technically it's CSAA, which is just the CA AAA. There will be some celebrating this Friday!! And also some bowling and ice-skating in the mix.


  1. Very cool pictures - I think birds of prey are the coolest. They're kind of the closest thing we have to dinosaurs, so I am fascinated by them.

  2. You went to Toy R Us on the 24th? That's some severe desperation (or your inner ultra runner coming out and trying to make things more challenging). Congrats to Brian - that's awesome news!