Friday, December 5, 2014

Tacoma Time

After leaving Dad's, we were heading to Tacoma for four days. Tacoma has aunts, uncles, cousins, Grandma's and Grandpa's. We had a lot of time to catch up with our niece Audrey, nephew Spencer, and Brian's sister Melissa because we would be staying with them. A HUGE shout out to the 3 of them for opening their home to us, and especially the kids for welcoming their 3 cousins (and putting up with 5 extra people in your home). Spencer gave up his bedroom so his auntie and uncle could have it. Audrey made us pancakes in the morning and is a great cook!! Melissa kept a drink in my hand when needed : ) Thank you all for your hospitality and for putting up with our craziness!!  We had a nice visit, here's a few pics from our time in Tacoma.
 Tacoma kids don't get out for Thanksgiving Break until Wednesday, but we talked cousin Audrey into skipping school Tuesday and letting us taker her bowling.

 And this beauty is cousin Ava. She is 7 and Myles adores her!!
 More bowling....
 This is cousin Spencer. He was awesome, especially since he was really, really not feeling well. At one point he asked me to feel his forehead and see if he felt warm...he was on fire.  We got a text  a few days ago saying he has Pneumonia. Poor dude.
 Myles hasn't really ever been around cats, and the cousins have 2 dogs and a cat. He was equally in love, and terrified of the cat.
 The girls in Audrey's room with her Littlest Pet Shop collection.
 This is Snickers...who interestingly is "On the inside the same color as a snickers" : ) Notice her wonky swollen ear.  She was having some ear problems (understatement), but was such a love!
 Who knew Tacoma had a great Bass Pro Shop??

 Brian's folks took us out to lunch on Wednesday and then we took them to Bass Pro Shop afterwards. That's Brian's mom on the put put and cousin Audrey standing by the aquarium.
 This is the bowling alley inside Bass Pro. Amazing.
 Cupcakes with cousins.

 Brian and I rolled off the air mattress early one morning for a run in Point Defiance. We did not do Five Mile Drive, but did do 4 miles on the dirt trails in the park.

 One thing I love about WA is all the ferns. These were growing on the bottom side of a tree that hat fallen over.

 Amazing views.

 Hokas finally getting into some decent mud!

 Checking out the Black Friday Ads and planning our attack the next morning.
 I love watching the cousins faces in these next pictures....

 Above, that's Brian's mom, and cousin Spencer entertaining himself.
 Myles...he he he....he could be a lost cousin of Dopey.
 Below, before leaving Tacoma for Ellensburg, we stopped back into Bass Pro to let the kids bowl at that awesome bowling alley.

 And below, technically this happened in Ellensburg, but since it's related to the cousins I'm including it in this post. Myles got a Sew Cool machine on Black Friday and one of the first things he made was a Cousin Ava doll.  I think it's pretty darn cool!
After 4 days, we headed off to Ellensburg.  A big thanks to everyone for being hospitable in Tacoma. It was nice to get to see everyone and visit for a bit!!!

Again, if you want a better look at any of these, you can click on them to make them bigger...I just keep them smaller when there's this many in one post.

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  1. We had a great time! Thank you for staying with us!!