Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mt. Diablo Geocaching

Last weekend the family spent a few hours on the mountain geocaching. It was one of those beautifully cloudy days.  Of course I prefer beautiful blue skies, but sometimes clouds are amazingly beautiful!  We found all but one of the caches Emma wanted to find, but I'll try not to post any pics (except for one) that give the locations away.  Here's some (I normally say a few, but there's a lot in this post) pictures -
 This is a cache the kids and I had already found, but we thought it would be fun to watch Brian try to find it. The clue is basically "it's under a rock". 

 We haven't been seeing much water in these parts, so Sophie was amazed to find this puddle in the top of a rock.
 Above, just passed the picnic tables you can see the top of the tree the family is digging around in looking for a cache.

 This is looking at the ridge that Wall Rd runs the top of, and a nice view of the top of BBQ Terrace trail as it heads down into the valley.
 And below, those rocks that look so little, those are the rocks of Castle Rock Park.
 Our little silver van parked at Diablo Valley Overlook, aka Juniper Campground parking lot.

 There's a treasure hidden in there!
 And in there, and this is the one I'm going to give away the location of, just because it's amazing once you get into geocaching to realize how many you walk, run, and drive by everyday. They are really hidden everywhere!
 It's magnetic, and stuck between the sign and the post.
 That's Brian and the kids hunting up on the ridge. The did indeed find a cache up there.
 A cool cache find for Sophie.
 This one was near the summit.....somewhere.

 It had this cool coin in it, we think it's Greek?? It's still there if you want to find it, we didn't take it.

 The Bay.

 Below, by the time we headed down, the fog and clouds were rolling in. It's always special to be up there when the clouds come in, it feels like you're being swallowed up by nature.

 Above, Brian spotted these deer, and below, he spotted them while driving from that far away.
 One lonely turkey.
Such a fun, free afternoon!!


  1. This looks like a lot of fun! I've always wanted to get into geocaching.

    1. The 12 year old got us all hooked! It is a lot of fun!
      Have a great run this weekend!! You're going to have a muddy good time!