Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Beast, Mud, and Water

Some pictures from yesterday's adventure in Castle Rock Park. If you want them in the order they happened, start from the bottom (sorry) -
 Wondering if this will impact Brazen's run in April up Sunset??


  1. So great to see the creeks running again - hopefully we will continue to get rain and they will keep going. What rock area is that sign referring to? Which course would it affect? DO I need to threaten to hold my breath and stomp my foot to get Brazen an exception?

    1. Hey Allen, the sign says everything east of Stage Rd, and Pine Creek, so everything to the left of the creek, which also happens to be Castle Rock Parks' boundary. In the places the creek runs on the right of the trail, you'll notice a barbed wire fence runs along the left of the trail. Not being able to cross the creek, when it's left of the trail, cuts off all the well known/main access trails up to the rocks. The rocks pretty much run the length of the park, from about where the dam is on the first climb, out passed the Castle Rock Park gate (by the first aid station). However, Little Sunset trail, which the 10k and 13.1 both go up, is also both east of Stage rd, and Pine Creek, and is actually the best way to access the rocks, and the only marked trail that leads to them. But, it is on Mt. Diablo property, not Castle Rock Park property, and since this is technically a "Diablo" race, I'm going to guess it stays open. That said, Castle Rock is closing their trails that lead to Diablo property east of the creek. The rocks are kind of in a weird in between place, meaning most the trails that lead to the rocks are in Castle Rock Regional park, and maintained by the park, but the rocks themselves are on Diablo property, and there is one trail to them on Diablo property (which is Sunset). The kids and I were up there in a cave once and a regional park ranger came hiking up to let us know if we got hurt, they couldn't/wouldn't respond because we crossed the creek and were on Diablo property, so we had a talk about where the park boundaries are (the creek). I'm pretty darn sure it's some sort of bird passing through that is the source of the signs. (no, the bird didn't put up the signs, but is the reason for the signs) So in conclusion....I really know nothing about this and I'm just speculating all of the above info. I will ask the first ranger I see though and find out what I can : )