Wednesday, December 10, 2014

An Actual Run Post!

Did you think I wasn't running?? Well, there hasn't been a whole lot of it, but I have still gotten a few runs in. After our downpour for 3 days last week, I headed out of Mitchell Canyon thinking I'd have a fun run slipping and sliding and getting mud caked shoes....however, once again....the water just seems to seep in and be gone.  The creek wasn't flowing, trail wasn't muddy, just nice and spongy. Here's a few from that run -
 Above, this was our beautiful walk to school before I ran. Amazing clouds.

 One thing that happened while we were away...the trails greened up! Before our WA trip, things were still tan and brown. We have entered a new season on the mountain.  The season of green grass sprouting everywhere.

It felt great to get back out there.  This was also my first run back out of Mitchell since getting my 2015 park pass, which I used again today. : )
Anyhow, I also got to go on the big 5th grade field trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  The kids had to raise $4500 to go on this trip, and it came together right at the last minute, but we made it! It was a 2.5 hour ride there, and 3 hours back, and about 3 hours at the aquarium.  I had 3 kids in my group, and we did our own thing and had fun! Here's a few from that day -
 A lot of these will not showcase great photography. There's just no great way to get a non blurry picture in aquariums.

 Much of the trip budget was for these 4 touring buses.
 She was going over rules before we entered, my group may have been distracted by the Sea Otters in the kelp on the left side of the picture.

 When you walk in, these guys are swirling above your head (we went in a back door, not the main entrance, so I'm not sure where this actually is in the aquarium)
 These next 2 don't nearly tell the story of what was happening. We got a little more than we bargained for.  They threw some feed in for that school of fish, and they swirled up from the bottom, It was really beautiful! They came up to eat.....but notice those fish watching them?? In Hawaii, those are called Mahi Mahi....they turn yellow when they are excited.  See the one on the lefts tail? Yellow. Whenever a fish strayed from the got eaten by a Mahi Mahi.

 Below is a tube/tunnel that got covered in ocean water whenever a wave came in.
With that, I'm off to find our lanterns and flashlights. I usually don't buy into the "storm of the decade" stories (aka every time it rains in CA) but I think this time I'll round up some lights just in case.  Hope you all batten down and stay safe tomorrow!


  1. Wow - I had hoped that those storms might have gotten the creeks at least a little bit of water. Maybe this next one will do the trick. (I've been scoffing all week, but tonight I got the flashlights out to charge. I cannot believe how many schools are already closed for tomorrow.)

    1. I got out yesterday and was thrilled to see water flowing down Back Creek and along Donner trail out of Mitchell Canyon, but the creek that flows by the parking area was bone dry. I'll have some pictures up today of that water, you know I had to stand in it and do a happy dance.