Monday, December 15, 2014

The Calm Before the Storm

The day before the storm hit last week, I was able to get out on the mountain. Two of my favorite trails on a foggy day are Back Creek and Tickwood.
I'll let the pictures show you why-

 A favorite spot of mine, so you get to see it twice. The creek up Back Creek is flowing!Above, it's to the right of the stairs.

 I did not filter/edit/enhance the color of those ferns, they are that brilliant in real life.

 This stretch was as quiet and still as it looks. Not eerie, just really calm and quiet, no birds or anything.
 This stretch I could hear the creek the entire time, about 1.5 miles worth of creek side running. I've waited a long time for that!! (nearly 2 years w/o water in it). This was the day before the storm, I'm heading up after I post this to see it today, I'm betting it's even louder/fuller.

 I wish each and every one of you could have been on the trail with me to see this in person, but it was just so pretty! The creek winds through the woods right here, and being above it, you can see it twisting and turning it's way down the mountain next to the trail. So pretty, and hearing the water is quite nice, too!
 This is at the old Donner Cabin site, the cabin is no longer standing, just some ruins left, but this would have been right in their front/back yard, depending which way the cabin faced when it was standing.  How pretty to have next to your house, no??

 Confession time: while I love trail runners and people who love the mountain as much as I do....I love when a trail that is a regular trail for me, isn't the regular route most people take.  See above. Most trails like this that grow over with grass have a path worn into them, a clear route that most people take, wears down to a single track trail through the grass.  Or, as you can see in the first picture in this post, they turn into a churned up mess. 'My' a road less traveled. I think 2 bikes and one hiker had been on it recently...and that's it.

 Mitchell Rock above, peeking out of the clouds.


  1. Water in the creeks! There is hope after all! I love that you both have access to these trails and (even better) you take advantage of it! Great pictures - thanks for taking and posting them. It really makes me want to get out there even more!

    1. Thank you, Allen. Hope you are feeling better!