Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brazen Racing's Summer Breeze

Yesterday was Brazen Racing's Summer Breeze run. Our family would be running the 5k. There was also a 10k, and a half marathon. We all had goals of going all out and seeing what happened. This is a flat course for Brazen, so there would be a lot of fast PR's set amongst the hundreds of runners who came out. I was amazed while watching the runners come in how fast everyone was. I was trying to explain to mom how even though it seems like the majority of the runners had finished and there was just a trickle of what you would think was slower runners coming in....they were still finishing their 13.1 miles well under 2 hours.

As for our family, well, we have been slacking in the running department the past few weeks. No excuses, just the reality of this being a typical post marathon month and we always seem to slow down in the weeks following running a full marathon. We have still been running, but not nearly as much as we like to. I had no idea where my 5k time was at. It has been almost 2 years since I have been able to really run a 5k, I usually run w/one of the kids, so my finish time is dependant on their 7 and 9 year old legs. My PR is 22 minutes, my slowest is 27 minutes. I was hoping for a happy medium in the 25 range. I had also checked last years result and knew that if I could hit that, I could possibly place in my age division, which has been an elusive goal for quite some time. (actually, it has only ever happened once, in a 25k)
Em and Soph have placed in every Brazen race they have run, so we had been trying to explain that this is a much faster course, probably more kids will run it than would normally do a trail run, so today may be a 1 medal day.
In the end, we all pushed hard. You will see in the pictures how Soph felt about her run. She never seems to enjoy it as it's happening, but when she sees the finish, crosses, and gets her medal, it's all worth it and she says she had fun. She finished in 47 minutes, and came w/in 22 seconds of setting a new PR.

Emma goes hard. She only has one race gear, and it's full throttle. I passed her going opposite directions a few times on the course and she looked determined. She didn't' PR, but did finish in 35 minutes and took second in her age division.

Brian ran w/Soph, so I was able to put my legs to the test and see where they are speed wise. I pushed hard and am terribly sore today, but unfortunately, my legs have come to love slow, long runs. They were wishing they were at mile 23 of a full marathon, and not at mile 2.9 of a fast 5k! This run reminded me of all the reasons I really don't enjoy racing 5k's. They are just too fast for me. I did not feel well the entire run. Every step was a push, and I was fearing that my mom wouldn't just get to see me finish, she may get to see me pass out.
In the end, I finished in 29 minutes. 9th out of 40 in my age division, 78th out of 400 overall. I felt like crud, woozy, and dizzy. Not my favorite distance. I felt good about where in the pack I finished overall, but not about my time.

As far as the race itself and Brazen, well nothing new there. They are still the best race company around. Everything was top notch, from the shirts to the medals. There is no room for improvement in any way as far as we are concerned. They couldn't' do anything better or more efficient than they do already.

Above you can see one of many table of food. You can see more pictures on our photo site, but there was just about everything a runner dreams of eating after a hard run!

Above, that's me back there in the pink/purple top and black bottoms.
You must make the above picture bigger (click it) to see Sophie's face. If looks could kill, that photographer would be a gonner!
Here she sees the finish and kicked in, happily, to finish strong. We all had a great time.


  1. Great job! Sophie and Emma, you are amazing girls!
    Auntie Melissa

  2. According to Diane, your mom had a great time cheering in the runners and making lots of noise - that is so cool she had a good time! Your daughters are great for doing this. Bubba's turn is coming though.

    I still think you guys should have done an ultra 5K and visited my aid station!