Monday, August 29, 2011

Routine Needed!

Within 24 hours I will have my routine back!!!
Woo Hoo!!

School starts tomorrow and I am so looking forward to getting back to my normal routine!!! Yes, things are more hectic and exhausting the first month back to school, but it's 'normal'. My day has structure, I know what's happening at what time and which chunk of time is for running, which is for cleaning, which is for working out, study, laundry, cooking, ect. Everything has it's own time.

I am so looking forward to my Tuesday morning runs w/my Beastly Runner friend! Can't wait for our run tomorrow! We are both frazzled mom's of 3, and I think we don't just like our runs together, we really NEED them!! It will be another year of pushing the jogger stroller, though, as we have decided to keep Bub home one more year. He is 4, but could have started this year. We registered him, went and found out his teacher, school clothes shopped....vacillated hourly as to the right thing to do. He really wanted to go, knows the teachers, and is at home in the school setting.....but he is still very young and would be in the same class w/6 year olds. So when we were down to the wire, we made the call to pull him and wait another year. We will keep in in some sort of class all year so that he gets more experience with listening and following directions and working w/other kids (w/o screaming, yelling, or growling at them). He starts gymnastics next week, and Soccer in September.

So we send the girls off to 2cd and 4th grade in the morning.....and then I will happily hit the trail for a run and welcome back my crazy normalcy!

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