Monday, August 8, 2011

Houston-We Have a Problem

well, we are still here.

Kona ended up at the vets all day having emergency surgery on his paw. On Saturday we had him groomed for is big trip. Instead of the Schnauzer cut, we went short all over. Well, this revealed a large abscess on his paw. By this morning he was not using it at all. By noon he was "out" having it cut open. By 2 he was out of surgery, with stitches in the top and bottom of his paw. By 4 we will be picking him up, a few hundred dollars poorer. By 5 we should be leaving, with a dog who can't get wet or dirty, who very likely will be sick all the way to Shasta between the pain killers and the antibiotics.
And this is just the first day of vacation.

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