Monday, August 8, 2011

Cutting the line

You know when you are fishing, usually w/your favorite lure, and you get snagged?? You try and try, pull and pull, pull from different angles....nothings working and you have to make the painful decision to cut your line??
Well, we cut the line on today. We did get Kona, loaded up the car, filled up the cooler w/ice at Safeway, headed down the road....and decided we were idiots. We don't' really want to start the vacation off with the events of today. We are all in pretty bad moods, tired, and grumpy that we weren't already up at the lake. So as fun as driving 4 hours and setting up camp in the dark sounded, we decided to get to bed early tonight and get up early and start over.
Here's to a better cast in the morning!


  1. Whew! When I saw there was another post, my first thought was, how far did they get before the car broke down/the dog ate the bandage/the kids broke out in measles - it's been that kind of a day for you! I'm glad to hear that you have chosen to reboot in the morning - a fresh start was needed.

    Wow - what a way to start the vacation! Here's to tomorrow going so well that today is quickly forgotten about!

  2. Crazy day! Hope it all works out okay. We had to do that with one of our cats....ugh! Well Im sure Brian will lose a few lures on the trip, maybe this was the "Big One". Have a great time. :)

  3. Awww so sorry yesterday was so hard. Hopefully today will be great and you will have a blast on your vacation. I think you made a very wise decision to cut that line. Fun, fun, fun is a in your very near future, I'm sure of it!