Saturday, August 6, 2011

Chasing PR's

After such a dismal marathon time, we are hungry for a PR. Any PR. Any distance.

That said, the next race is on the calendar.

With a family member visiting us for the weekend that has never been to any of our races, we are excited first, to have a family member at a race. That is extremely rare. Second, for her to see what all the Brazen craziness is about. It's one thing to see pictures and read about Brazen here on the blog, but another thing entirely to be there in person to see and feel what all the excitement is about. I can't wait for her to see how much it means to the kids, what a race morning is like, and the look on the kids faces when they cross that finish line.

This is the only totally flat course I know of that Brazen does. While I enjoy running the 5k distance, I honestly don't enjoy racing the 5k distance. Leaves me a bit woozy. I am curious , though, to see where I am at speed wise on a flat course, going all out. My current 5k pr is at 22:49, Brian's is at 21:42. Emma's is at 33 and Sophie's is 44. It will be a good gauge for what I should pull at the Walnut Festival 5k in September, and Lafayette Reservoir Run in Oct.

So, click away, the race link is up on the left.

The blog will be quiet for a while as we are heading up to Lake Shasta to do some serious camping and fishing until August 14th.


  1. As the family member, I am soooo excited! I will finally be able to live the experience.

  2. My PR for a 5k is 31:11. Emma's going to beat me soon. I'm hoping to do a PR of at least 30. Need to break that 30 min barrier. Have a great time camping and fishing! See you at Summer Breeze and don't forget "Summer Breeze makes you feel fine..."

  3. I wish I was the family member! Whoever you are, have a blast! Enjoy your run!