Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Early Morning Love

Get your minds out of the gutter, people....I'm talking running here
: )

One of the great things about having my mom visiting is that Brian and I are able to sneak away in the early, pre-sunrise hours to get in some awesome runs!

Earlier in the week we met up with my Running Beast friend and she and I got caught up on "life" which seems to have flown by the past month. We both have 3 kids home for the summer, so our runs together fall off, but it was great to meet at 6:30 and get a solid run in.

Today Brian and I ran from our house up into Mitchell Canyon. It was rolling hills the whole way, and then just beauty. Seeing the sun coming up, and how the light hits the grass in the hills, hearing the the lizards, squirrels, and birds rustling around in the brush, smelling the horse smell.....just a great 6.7 miles!! There are pictures here.

We got home at 8:30 to a still sleeping house.
Myles has his kindergarten assessment/interview today, then we are heading to Sausalito for some sight seeing. San Fran and Yerba Buena for ice skating tomorrow. Kinda fun to have an out of town visitor and have an excuse to do touristy stuff!

Hope to see some of you at Summer Breeze this weekend!!


  1. Just because I'm a pain, I'll mention that it's Summer Breeze on Saturday (and for once, you might not need gloves and a stocking cap!). I'll be there at an aid station, but most likely not the 5K one since Jasmin likes to give me serious challenges. If I manage to be at the 1.5 mile aid station, you could sneak in a second 5K and come out to see me! (HA!)

    Have a great race!

  2. My bad, we were looking at last years times and pictures and had Bay on the brain.
    : )