Thursday, August 4, 2011

Post SFM Week

It has been one of the best post marathon recovery weeks ever. We both feel really good and are not sore at all, as of yesterday. Monday we intended to sleep in and lay around the house all day, but we were up and moving well. We took the kids to the park, and did some shopping. If we sat for too long and then got up, things were slow going, stiff, and maybe a bit painful, but doable. Tuesday we left the house at 8:30 and didn't' get back home till 4, then out again for the evening, wearing 3 inch heels for 3 hours. We were still walking a bit stiff, but feeling good. Yesterday we were both up and going, got out of bed w/no pain or soreness. Today we did our first run since SFM. We wanted to keep it short, while still pushing if possible to see how things felt. Things felt really really good! We hit the reservoir for some hilly miles and the legs responded well. Brian pushed Myles in the double jogger and finished 2.7 hilly miles in 26 minutes! Emma although not in a post marathon week, pushed hard and kept up with Brian. Sophie ran w/me, and she did great. She was not enthusiastic about the whole "lets run" idea today, but it was nothing a quick stop at Target for a new running out fit couldn't' cure. I plugged her in w/my ipod, told her she was now officially a real runner due to the pink compression shorts and the earphones, and she bought it.
Aside from a few "wiggly" toenails and blisters that are shedding their skin, we are recovering amazingly well in comparison to past marathons.....which is great......but also brings on the nagging post marathon questions that always surface. Like..." if we feel so good, is it because we trained well and ran smart, or is it because we didn't' push hard enough?" "If we feel this good, could we have gone harder?" It's certainly not because we are in better shape than past marathons, this was probably the bottom of the pile as far as that goes. Then there is always the
question that arises after every marathon, or other race for that matter - "Could I do better, train harder, go faster next year?"
Some questions need to go unanswered, and in the case of that last one, ignorance is bliss!!


  1. I should mention it was just me in 3 inch heels, not Brian.
    : )

  2. Ha ha ha - the 3 inch heels thing was exactly what I was going to comment on! It's great to hear that the recovery is going so well. You know that Bear Creek would be a great recovery race. And I wonder if pink compression shorts would help me out as well.

  3. Ha, I am sitting here googling half marathons as you posted that comment! We will be camping during Bear Creek, and I'm thinking Summer Breeze isn't really up our ally. Have you guys done Coastal's Diablo half or full out of Marsh Creek? It's right down the road from us, but has serious elevation gain. Any input?
    We are for sure in for Rocky Ridge, and possibly Drag-N-Fly.
    There's only one way to know for sure about the pink shorts!