Monday, August 15, 2011

We're Back!

Just a quicky...
got back last night....not much to report "Planks or Fartleks" wise, but we did have lots of "Family Fun". No time for pictures, but hopefully in the next day or two....

Kona update -
He had surgery Monday, we kept it wrapped up till Friday, took the bandages off at the campsite and it was gross. Went to store, got fresh bandages, re-wrapped it. Unwrapped it at home last night, still gross. We never let that paw hit the ground, it stayed super clean, and even w/the wrapping, we kept a sock on over the top of the wrapping, just in case. The stiches site looked great, but the other side of his claw was now huge, red, pussy, oozy, and had the foxtail sticking out of it. Since he was heading to the vet in the morning (today) we gave him a bath, re-wrapped it, and left it alone. He went in this morning to have the stitches taken out, and the DR pulled out the foxtail, but left in the stitches till later this week. He was on pain meds and antibiotics for the past week, and will stay on antibiotics for another week. I am relieved to be home have him out of all the dust and dirt, but leery of our back yard, which is where he picked up the foxtail.
Any suggestions on foxtail removal from yards?? We live in the foothills of Mt Diablo, so the yard is full of them.

Fishing wise, well, everyone but Brian and Bubba caught Blue Gill the first night, and that was it. No more fish the entire trip. We took a patio boat out for a day and had some hits on the Pink Lady, which Emma was fishing with and got a huge kick out of, but that was about it. Didn't stop us from fishing every day, and spending hours swimming everyday.

That's it for now....the home from camping cleaning frenzy is underway.

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