Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gems From the Week

Saturday service.

Service break!

Saturday The Beast had a 'boys party'. She made those eggs behind Myles, they were filled w/party favors. Myles does a mean robot dance!

The cake had dry ice in the top.

It was raging.

Tuesday there were multiple x-mas recitals to dodge since they were staggered by grade, so first Sophie and I climbed the hill by the school and visited with some horses.

Showing off her trail heels. Her teacher made her take her shoes off when she got back to class : )

Then it was Em's turn to dodge. We got coffee and hot cocoa and walked around the gardens at the park.

Totally normal school outfit....if you're a trail runner in your spare time : )

At school right now they have the Country Store. The school collects gently used stuff, then opens a store for the kids. The idea is that it's a way for the kids to buy and wrap gifts for their family. Everything is very cheap, like between a quarter and $3. The kids took their change, and came home with arm fulls of wonderful little goodies.

Myles class had a ginger bread (Graham cracker) house decorating party.

This is from today - Sophie's class had their winter party. They made snow globes, marshmallow snow men, picture frames...all sorts of winter goodies.

Also from today. After helping in Sophie's class I headed to Ems class to help with Native American day. My job was gluing the parts of a Pueblo village together as the kids made it and all the accessories - fire pit, ladders, water well, pots, garden.  They could only use things from outside to make everything, so rocks, sticks, grass, leaves, mud. The teacher built the buildings before hand and the kids decided where they placed them and then made everything else.
The week before winter break always leaves my head spinning a little bit. There's just so much going on, and 3 different classes this year to remember what's happening on what day and who needs what sent in to class for what project, and what I've signed up to do in each class, and not forgetting to pick up Myles at 11:30, and that the girls get out at 1:15 all week because of conference schedules. Tomorrow I have Myles home due to some class activities he's dodging,(which means I'll be pushing a 6 yr old beast of a boy in the jogger for my run with the Beast ) and then Friday I'm wearing pj's to Sophie's class and making pancakes for them, which I am really looking forward to! I'm so glad I get to be so involved in their school life and activities. It's a 'good' busy!!

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  1. Sounds like you guys have been having lots of fun lately! I love Emma's trail school outfit ;)

    And those eggs! Man, talent! I might have to enlist the beast to make some props/set design for my future photo shoots ;)