Friday, December 21, 2012

Running From Pancakes

Today was pancake day!! I had a blast hanging out with Sophie's class! I managed to run 2 griddles at once, and made 3 boxes worth of pancake mix! It smelled so good in the room, and all the kids ate a ton!
We were both in our pj's.Again, I say it's a shame that we don't look more alike : )

Em and Myles were doing their best to fit the 60's Day that the rest of the school was having.

Beautiful sky, we left early to get Brian to BART, then to school.

Then we made pancakes!, She's a great flipper.

They ate 2cds and 3rds, and then I got hugs from everyone and headed home.

Now's a good time to mention I did not eat ANY pancakes : ) It is a gray, windy, stormy day today and I really just wanted to come home and relax w/a good book for a few hours before Myles got out of class....but instead I geared up and headed out for my last solo run for the next 2 weeks as the kids will be on winter break.  For some reason my hand sometimes glows.

It was raining, although hard to tell here. There were a few other people out there, but mostly it was empty.

Again, you can't tell how windy and rainy it was,the rain was sideways and it looked to be snowing leaves.

I may or may not have stood in this tunnel for a few minutes : )

I got done with about 45 minutes before Myles got out, so I headed back to Sophie's room to see what they were up to. Minute to Win It, of course! Don't they all look so comfy in their pj's?

This was a game of building as many 2 story snow men as you could in 1 minute, I was told to play, suggested the kids put one in each nostril and then stick them together, it works better that way. I did not win the game, but did succeed in getting one kid to try the nostril trick.

Sophie is in a split 3rd/4th grade class. Truly a special group of kids! They really are all great, well behaved, hard working kids. You must make this picture bigger to really get an idea as to how "special" they are : )

Of course, such a special class is the result of such a special teacher, lol. Ms. Cattalini was also Emma's 2cd grade teacher and is wonderful.

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