Friday, December 28, 2012

Rolling Through the Miles

I climbed a tree while Brian was in the potty. I was trying to hide from him, but he spotted me.

I got to use one of those wipes I mentioned in my "Safely Running Solo" post : )

What can I say? Family runs mean family fun and goofing around at the park 5 miles in to an 8 mile run.  We are back to getting in our weekend runs, which are generally 8 miles on a paved trail. There is dirt to be found on the side of the trail from time to time, it ends up being about 75% paved, 25% dirt.  Most importantly, there is always the knowledge that there is a park involved, and that keeps the kids rolling along, and Myles content in the jogger....but man, what a load that boy is! Brian gets a good workout pushing him for 8 miles!

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