Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Point Reyes National Seashore

 We are mid way through winter break. Woo hoo! Yesterday we headed up to Point Reyes. Brian and I spent the day there a month or so ago, but the kids had never been. Yesterday was a  beautiful day. The sky was blue, and the grass so green! We are solidly in the "green hills" season, when CA looks more like Ireland and the golden hills are emerald green. We did a short hike to see a Miwok village, visited the elephant seals, saw gray whales, and visited Point Reyes light house, which meant climbing down and then up 30 stories of stairs(so they say, it's just over 300 steps, plus some ramps, up and down the side of a cliff...maybe the beauty made it not feel like 30 stories).

Light House was built in 1870.

Houses the fog horn, which sounded every 30 seconds.

Driving through the Redwoods

Near Drake's Bay

Elk, had to make it big so you could see them, they are laying down.

There are tons of dear everywhere up there.

It was a great day!
Today we slept in and then Brian and I headed out of Castle Rock to explore some single track that I've yet to step foot on (gasp). But, coming out of the second creek crossing, Brian felt a pop in his leg, right where the achilles connects into the calf. Boo. We walked back out, but he's going to be out of commission for a bit. Hoping he heals fast, he says it's just stiff, not painful.


  1. Thank you for the pics. You live in such a beautiful area. Jah's creation is awesome!

  2. All these great pictures and then the injury thing - I hope he is right and it's no big deal. Looks like it was a great trip in any case. (And there really is single-track in Castle Rock that you haven't been on?)

    1. Yeah, he's not in the best of moods! we have a big year laid out, one that requires training, which just got put on hold for him : ( Then to add insult to injury, after the rain we've been having....a beautiful, sunny, forecast of ideal running weather. Poor guy!