Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Woo Hoo!!!!!

He's running again!! I am so so happy for him! And me!  We did a 2 mile test run on Sunday afternoon. He kept it to a 10:30 pace, partly because I had given Emma strict  instructions to make him go slow and no sprinting to "test things out". No pain. He was not sore or tight after. Monday he did 3.3 in the city, again....no pain. He said he did it at a 9:30 pace.Today he rode his bike to BART for the first time in.....maybe 2 months??? Had a great ride in, no problem.  Going to BART, it's mostly downhill, but coming home he has a significant hill to climb, so we'll see how the calf takes it. He's taking today off from running, since he will get in 2 bike rides.  I'm so happy for him!!

In other news, I had one of those epic, amazing, breathtaking runs this morning. 6 miles, 1400 feet of elevation gain, and enough postcard perfect views I was saying "oh my goodness!" every 100 ft.  Hope to get pictures up tonight.


  1. Way to go! This is great news! I've done two small test runs of my own this week and so farthing are looking great. A 25K at Fort Ord on Saturday will be a good test. I can't imagine being shut down as long as Brian was though.

    1. Oh man..Fort Ord was on our list, pre Brian's injury. You are supposed to have amazing weather this weekend that direction! Hope it goes well for you!