Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tails (and teeth) From the Trail

So, I had a 20 minute window to scrape together some sort of a run today. A small window between volunteering in Sophie and then Myles class.  Not much time.  The biggest bang for your buck, I decided, was to go straight up. I wasn't gonna get much distance today, so may as well make what I can get as painful as possible!

So I headed into Lime Ridge, up the longest, steepest hill. This set me up to come back down on that fun single track I've been mentioning. The same one I saw this guy on last week -
 So, I get up the hill and I'm running a section of fire road over to the cut down. I see a guy standing on a hill across a ravine from where I was. I'm keeping my eye on the guy, and then he suddenly starts taking my picture. For a long time. He must have taken 20 pictures. He had a big camera, so I figured he just enjoys nature and was getting some shots of a runner out on the trail. So of course I push my pace a little to make it look good, make sure I'm sucking in, practicing good form.  In no time I've made my way over to the guy and I smile and say, "hey". He says, "did you know he was behind you?"  I stop, am puzzled, and say "Huh?" 
He says, "the coyote behind you, he was running down the trail following you."
I had no idea. I did not have my music going, but I was breathing hard from climbing the hill and that is all I heard, my breathing.  I had even been looking for coyotes since I had seen one last week on the trail I was planning on heading down.
I said, "nope, didn't even know he was there." The guy said he'd seen 3 so far this morning.
Slightly embarrassed, I headed down my fun loopy trail realizing the guy was so excited about taking my picture....because he thought he was going to get some great footage of a runner getting eaten by a coyote.
I did not think to ask him to email me his shots, but I'm pretty sure they look something like this-


  1. I should thank NTL for the running pic, it's actually from Coastal's Diablo 13.1.