Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Randoms and Things that Make me Happy!

First, I'll just mention our big races for 2013 are now listed on the left. All pictures will link you to that races site.   I'm probably most excited for the 12 hour. I've wanted to do this one for the past 2 years, and the schedule finally allows for it this year.  I'm not sure at this point if I'll go it alone with a goal of 40 miles, or team up with my girls, set up camp, and just make a day of it.  I'm also looking forward to taking another stab at Brazen's Diablo 50k, which will kick off 7 months of big runs. I will say from the get go, however...if the forecast is anything over 85, I'm dropping to the 13.1. I cant' do 31 in the heat and don't want to repeat last year.  I'm also really looking forward to getting back down to Long Beach, which was our first ever full marathon and holds special memories! It's such a fun, entertaining race, very well supported by the community, loud, lots of music....its a hoot!

And now, here's a few random pictures for ya -

Hee hee hee...above pictures are from our first full, Long Beach 2009...they also capture our goal bodies!! While I'm not looking to necessarily get to that weight (fyi, that is what 5ft 9inches of 149 lbs looks like) I'm working hard to get back to feeling that fit.
We Love You Auntie Melissa!!

And now, for some happiness -
This one always makes me laugh! I had so, so, so much fun on my Maui trip w/my friend Nancy 2 years ago!! This was a few Mai Tai's into our luau.

I took a solo day on that trip to do a zip line tour w/ Flyin Hawaiian, and it was amazing!!

Normal Hawaiian outfit : )

Another one of my favorite parts of that rip...getting up at 5:30 and running.  Running the main drag through Kihei, watching the kayaks and surfboards getting trucked to the beaches, seeing the sun come up, dodging the crazy Hawaiian chickens....I loved my morning runs!

These two pictures make me pretty happy, too!
And of course, this crew...can't look at them w/o being happy!
 Running induced toe damage......
 Date night.....
 Camping coffee.....
Fishing w/the kids...... all make me very, very happy!!

I guess this could have easily been a "these are a few of my favorite things" post.

I could keep going...but I want to see Twitch do his dive on Stars in Danger...gotta go!


  1. I love that we'll see you at all but the Long Beach thing! Do the solo 12 hour and get the girls to team up with each other. Diane did the team thing with Danni last year and is going solo this year (go for 50!). Great pictures and a great year ahead!

  2. Love these photos! Such a happy post. Made me smile :)