Monday, January 14, 2013

Two Trails, One Coyote

Mt. Diablo from the Briones to Diablo Trail above Castle Rock

Mr Coyote enjoying some single track.

He's keeping an eye on me, but was willing to share his trail.
Freezing my way down Buckeye Ravine to Stage.

I did a loop out of Castle Rock this morning. BBRRRR! I cut it short as it was so cold and windy- cold in the valley, windy on the ridge. That left me about 45 minutes to kill before Myles got out of school. So, I headed over to a different ridge,Lime Ridge, near the kids school, and headed up a hill where it tends to be less windy. I was picking which trail to come back down, settled on a super loopy, banked (which is super fun if you go fast enough, if not you just tip over), single track...and as I was looking at the trail, here came a coyote walking up it. I gave him room, he came up, and I headed down. He sat on a hill and watched me. I'm guessing his den is in the ravine the trail went down as we've seen coyotes in that area before, and he was sure keeping an eye on me. It's the first time I've had my pepper spray out in my hand ready to be used! Never a dull moment out on the trail!

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