Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thanks, Honey!

I'd like to take a moment to thank my patient husband for helping me swap out my header picture, figure out how to get the Blog title centered on the picture, and widening out the entire blog.
I love the new pic! It captures Brian and I doing what we love, on the Mt we love, on one of our toughest running days ever, the day of Brazen's Diablo 5ok.  I also love the font of the title! To me it has the old west look that I love, but it's pink, so a bit lady like. It was quite the ordeal to get the title like that. We ended up editing in Picasa and adding the font there, rather than using the blog title editor on Blogger. Which, by the way, was super easy and Picasa has way more fonts which I thought were more creative and "funner" than the ones Blogger had to choose from.
I am not savvy about this sort of stuff, which is why the blog always looks the same.
Changing the layout, settings, pictures, fonts, editing stuff to change the margins....always leaves me with palpitations thinking I'm going to do irreversible damage.
Hope ya'll like the new look, and....

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